Smart Relay

Smart Relay

An affordable and safe way to control your electric loads is with a smart relay. This smart relay can take in different inputs IE Thermostats, time clocks, timers etc. and many more functions. A Thermostat, in this case, to control different contractors for groups of block heaters to save on the Utility demand cost. You can write in the language through the software then download it to the relay.

Threading Conduit


Dom threading some conduit

New Electric Service

Electrical box

Electrical service for commercial, industrial, or residential application, both above and below ground. We are also able to repair, relocate, or perform maintenance on existing electrical service.

Indoor Lighting

Looking to remodel? We can install chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, under cabinet lighting, rail lighting, fluorescent lighting, ceiling lights, track lighting, recessed lighting, and others, all to your design needs. We will work with you to find the best and most attractive solution.

Outdoor Lighting

Light sign

Want to add some dramatic lighting to enhance your business' appearance or create an outdoor living space for the warm summer evenings? Whether you would like spotlights, outdoor wall lanterns, ambiance landscape lighting, lamp posts, or dramatic outdoor light scaping, Magee Electric is happy to help you make your dreams a reality.



We are an authorized dealer and service technician for Generac Generators. We can handle new installations, maintenance on an existing generator, and warranty claims for Generac generators. Talk to us today about installing backup power for your home or business.

Reliance Generators

Reliance Generator

One of my favorite manual transfer panel boxes for generators is the Reliance generator-ready with meters. If you are getting your electric service updated what clean and safe way to get back up power when required. The interlock circuit breakers keep the generator isolated from the utility at all times. Built-in watt readers help balance the generator load. The outdoor inlet outlet allows you to safely plug in.